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Q: Are your handmade brooms useable or are they just for decoration?
A: Both!! Our handmade brooms are made to be used. If you choose to hang the broom for decoration only that is fine as well. Some say our brooms are too nice to be used but we say "sweep away".

Q: Are your handmade brooms durable and how long will they last if used?
A: Our handmade brooms are crafted with excellent quality and durability. They will last a long time if cared for properly and not used to sweep caustic materials (oils and acids). You should alternate sweeping sides of your broom to get an even wear which will help in the longevity of your broom.

Q: Do you guarantee the craftsmanship of your handmade brooms?
A: Yes we do!! If there is any defect in our craftsmanship, your broom will be replaced. Should you break the handle, improper care for the broom or use the broom to hit things causing the broom head to become loose then we will not be responsible.

Q: How do you properly store and care for your broom?
A: You should always hang your broom. Never let it stand on the broom's head as this will put a bend into the shape of the sweeping part of your broom. Do not hang your broom in direct sunlight or leave outdoors. You can simply clean your broom by placing it in cool water, swishing it around for a few minutes. This should be done every few months. Do not use any soaps or cleaning solutions as this will remove the natural wax coating of the broomcorn.

Q: What are your brooms made from?
A: Broom Corn. Broom Corn is a sorghum which is a large family of plants. Some of which are high in sugar content, others are low. Millet, milo and broom corn are examples of low sugar content sorghums. Sugar cane is a high sugar content variety. Broomcorn is an annual plant with a single stem, ribbon-type leaves and tassels with seeds produced on them. The plant ranges from 2 to 10 feet in height. Tassel lengths vary from 6 inches to 2 feet. Broom corn (Sorghum vulgere) has the longest tassels. Our broom handles are made broom all types of natural wood sticks, iron, antlers or anything else you can think of.

Q: Can you make custom requested brooms and repair old brooms?
A: Yes, most definitely. We will happily craft you a custom made broom at your request. And yes we can repair old brooms even if we did not craft it the first time.

Q: How long will it take until I receive my broom after placing an order?
A: Remembering that no two brooms of ours are exactly alike; if we have your broom in stock ready to go, you will have it in 4 to 5 days. If we need to craft or make a special custom broom for you then you will receive your broom within two weeks.

Q: What types of brooms do you make?
A: We handcraft all types of brooms to include; fireplace brooms, kitchen brooms, traditional brooms, whisk brooms, hawk tail brooms, cabin / utility brooms, hearth brooms, pot scrubbers, fly swatters and cake testers.

Q: How do you stitch your brooms?
A: Our handmade brooms are sewn flat or round and in certain instances not at all. Flat sewn brooms sweep a rough surface well and round sewn brooms do a nice and thorough job on smooth surfaces.

Q: What do I do if I wear my broom out?
A: If this should happen, send us your handle back and we will remake your broom for you at half the original cost plus shipping. Most people fall in love with their handle and we are happy to keep it alive.

Q: What is a Turkey Wing Broom?
A: The Turkey Wing is a traditional whisk broom. It was used by Benjamin Franklin to promote the Turkey as the National Bird to Congress in 1782.

Q: Will my broom fly? (one of our more popular questions)
A: Sorry to say "it will not".