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Types of Brooms

Pot Scrubbers:

Made from the Agave plant, this one will hold up for quite some time. This scrubber assists you in removing what's stuck on your cookware. It is great for cast iron and glass ware. We do not recommended it for use on teflon.

Cake Testers:

Keep it near your stove, tear off a piece of broomcorn to test your baked goods as you would with a tooth pick. These little sticks are long enough to reach the bottom of your deeper dishes. This is the way our grandparents did it years ago.

Fly Swatters:

If you can hit it, it will not fly away. This swatter is durable and decorative and will hold up for years. You will be amazed at how effective this handy swatter is.

Whisk Brooms:

We craft this broom in three sizes, small, medium and large. For use anywhere you need to sweep up a mess, try it on your car seats and floor mats, counter tops and more. Use it to brush off the snow when you come in from the cold or the lint of your clothes. These brooms can also be made using a small handle and different color broomcorn.

Willow Besom Broom (AKA: Garden Broom):

We craft this broom in all sizes or to whatever fits your need. This broom is made by using willow twigs. These brooms are used in the garden and green houses, on dirt floors or as an ornamental.

Turkey Wing Broom: 

In the "old days" the wing of a turkey would be used as a sweeping tool for smaller jobs. This broom¿s neat design is that of a turkey wing and is used much like a whisk broom. We craft this broom in all sizes and can be made using different colors of broomcorn.

Hawk Tail Broom:

This broom is made in all sizes and colors as well. It is a sturdy whisk broom that is designed like the fan of a hawk¿s tail. The broomcorn is added in layers to build the handle thickness. This is a great handy broom for any cleaning need. This is definitely a good looking broom as well as a conversational piece.

Cob Web Broom:

This broom can be made in any length and is available in natural broomcorn only. The whole broomcorn is used and is untrimmed giving it a very eclectic appearance. No more excuses for "cobweb" corners, ceilings, sky lights, light fixtures or any place you can't normally reach that collects dust. It works great on smooth or rough surfaces.

Hearth Broom:

This broom is stitched either round, flat or not at all and available in all colors of broomcorn. Some say it's too pretty to use. This broom is a great tool for cleaning your hearth, or any where you desire, or hang it near your fire place to add that final touch.

Camper/Cabin Broom:

This lighter weight broom (shorter handle) has a more narrow sweeping surface than our larger brooms so it fits in tighter corners. Perfect for the cabin or camper. Suitable for all jobs, indoors or out, just more compact. This broom can be stitched either flat or round.

Kitchen Broom:

Our Kitchen Brooms best resemble the size of a standard sweeping broom. Our Kitchen Broom sweeps large areas with ease, works great on any type of surface. These kitchen brooms have been the topic of many conversations while in the home. Kitchen brooms are stitched flat only.

The Mountain Broom:

Well this is the broom of all brooms. We craft this broom using larger diameter handles, taller than normal size and put a really hefty sweeping broom on the end. Weight is not really a factor when we put one of these together. This broom is stitched flat and is our unique design to be used for all household purposes, indoors or out. It's beautiful, durable and will compliment any decor. The man of the house will love it.